GT Equine Essential Training Overview

The primary objective of E1 is to develop an understanding of Graston Technique® therapy (GT) and how to apply it into the full spectrum of equine musculoskeletal treatment approaches. The course also instructs clinicians on the proper use of the instruments.

Training Fee: $3395
Student Training Fee: $2995

By the end of the training, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the Graston Technique® brand instruments, GT treatments, potential effects, and benefits.
  • Identify and discuss the indications, contraindications (relative and absolute) of GT.
  • Review and develop a better understanding of soft tissue injury, healing and potential reactivity to instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (therapeutic and adverse).
  • Develop skill and competence in the GT application of IASTM to the major regions of soft tissue.

Introduction / Basic Instrument Lab

Review of Online Module w/ introduction to GT Instruments

Shoulder and Chest Lab

GT treatment applications to the Equine Shoulder and Chest

Back and Thorax Lab

GT treatment applications to the Equine Back and Thorax

Hindquarters Lab

GT treatment applications to the Equine Hindquarter

Lunch Break

* 1 hour lunch break 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM or at instructor’s discretion

Lower Limbs Lab

GT treatment applications to the Equine Lower Limbs

Head and Neck Lab

GT treatment applications to the Equine Head and Neck

Scars and Edema Lab

GT treatment applications for Equine Scars and Edema

Course Wrap Up

Course review, Q & A of GT Equine treatment applications

GT equine training materials


Multiple teaching methods will be utilized consistent with the various levels of complexity of the learning objectives. These will include explanations, demonstrations, performance, feedback, teaching, supervised open practice, and case troubleshooting. Much of the time is spent in a hands-on, lab setting. Teaching materials include the GT Equine PowerPoint presentation and GT Equine Training Materials.


  • Graston Technique 6-piece Instrument Set

  • GT Instrument Roll-up Carrying Case

  • GT Equine Training Manual

  • Access to the GT Equine Provider Private Discussion Group

  • 24/7 Access to GT Clinical Advisors

GT Equine Training FAQS