The Graston Technique Equine Training course will teach you to apply our patented instruments to the full spectrum of equine musculoskeletal treatment approaches. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to treat injuries and common conditions, and develop confidence applying Graston Technique treatments to the major regions of soft tissue in horses.

Learn to treat many issues common to horses including muscular hypertonicity, damaged tendons and ligaments, lameness, resistive behaviors, tendinopathies, edema, scar tissue, adhesions, and general pain and body soreness.

As a horse is treated with Graston Technique, they will display performance improvements in asymmetrical gait, bucking or rearing, refusing fences, and resistance to contact.

Labs will include specific instruction around scanning for injuries and treatments to the shoulder and chest, back and thorax, hindquarters, lower limbs, and head and neck.